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Gain more time for acquisitions or other tasks with Urbyo and still always know what's going on. With our Urbyo X marketing service, you decide how much support you want from us.


Base option for quick and easy listings that are published to the marketplace.


Verified premium listing with exciting additional features, including audio guides created by Urbyo, district guides and more.


All the extras of the Xperience level as well as top placement on the marketplace plus active marketing via all available communication channels.

Our special for large projects

For our Urbyo Professional customers, we also offer the professional package Xpand - our highly individualized service for large projects with various units. More information about this package is available upon request from our sales team.

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Urbyo brings the best of both worlds together: exciting investment properties and unbeatable financing. Great for our buyers. And even better for you as an agent.

Smooth deals? Check!

Thanks to our buyer screening, you'll only get legitimate offers and can wrap things up in no time.

Always a standout

Sell your investment properties with targeted, high-quality listings.

The fast lane to your commission

Thanks to our Urbyo Finance Pros, buyers get financing straight away. They'll sign contracts quicker. And before you know it, you'll get your share.

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0% Stress.
100% Support.

Looking for a fast and hassle-free way to sell investment properties? You've come to the right place. Our comprehensive services are designed to help you get the deals you want with total ease.

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= Profit

We don't just handle the financing for our users. If you successfully refer one of your customers to us, we'll thank you with a commission.

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