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Get our assessment of location, market value, documentation & affordability with the Urbyo Property Check.

The Urbyo Property Check: Your expert analysis at the unbeatable price of only 89 euros!

Are you facing the important decision of buying a property and want to make sure you make a sound and well-informed choice? With our Property Check, you can get a thorough analysis of your potential property.

Our primary goal is to provide you with all relevant information so that you can make a wise and thoughtful decision before buying. To do this, we look at all aspects of the property to give you a comprehensive picture.

What's included

  1. Location assessment: The value and potential of a property depends heavily on its location. Our team analyzes the surrounding area, infrastructure, and future forecasts to provide you with an accurate assessment of the location's quality.

  2. Document review: We carefully examine the documents so that you can be informed about possible legal risks or hidden hurdles early on in the real estate purchase process.

  3. Market value assessment: Our experienced experts assess the property, taking into account current market trends and comparable properties. This gives you a realistic estimate of the appropriate purchase price.

  4. Price negotiation tips: We share approaches with you on how to conduct a successful price negotiation based on our check.

Full support by pros

Our team consists of competent real estate experts, financial advisors & investors who apply their expertise with great care. Transparency and neutrality are very important to us in order to protect your interests in the best possible way: With our analysis, you save time and money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Invest in your future and arrange your personal property check today for only 89 euros!

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