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Janina Ellen Sari (Head of Mortgage) #2

Clarify your questions directly in 1:1?
Janina is your real estate coach!

Arrange your personal meeting with professional investor & financing expert

Which strategy and which locations suit you? What is your financial framework and how do you negotiate the price of your dream property? 

For whom is the Urbyo Coaching with Janina interesting?

­čĄĚ You want to buy a property as an investment - but can't see the forest for the trees

­čôŁ You need support in the valuation and appraisal of properties

­č¬ó You want someone to guide you through the buying process - from selection to purchase price negotiation and financing, the purchase contract to notarization and beyond

­čĺČ You don't just want to click through dozens of webinars, you want to clarify your questions directly in 1:1

What do you get?

ÔŁôJanina answers all your questions about the buying process and property ownership in 1:1

­čôé You find a property interesting? Janina checks your property documents and gives you her assessment.

­čöÄ You haven't found a property yet? Janina suggests interesting objects for your personal situation

­čĺŞ Janina will take care of financing offers for you after you have been accepted

­čĆü Janina accompanies you during the search for a notary and the preparation of the purchase contract.

­čĺ¬ You get additional power ups on the Urbyo platform, like access to off-market deals in pre-marketing and general early bird access to properties before other users.

How much does it cost?

For a one-time fee of 399 Euros you have the opportunity to book three 1:1 sessions of 30 minutes each with Janina. Through her years of experience as a real estate investor and leader of a team of financial advisors, she knows the market and will support you with advice and action.