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Real estate knowledge on the go

Yes, we think the world needs a new real estate podcast. One where all the technical lingo is finally explained. With the facts from the Urbyo podcast "Immobilien einfach machen", real estate investment will definitely be as easy as it sounds. For pretty much every budget. And of course, you can listen to all the episodes on your favorite platform. But please note: It is German audio only.

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Benefits for your ears

Urbyo makes investing in real estate simple, fair, and transparent.
You should always be able to make the right decision ÔÇö regardless of your experience level. Thankfully, you don't have to spend a lot of time reading books. In our real estate podcast, you'll learn:

  • Whether a condominium is worthwhile as an investment at all

  • What the real estate bubble is all about

  • How construction financing works even without (much) equity

  • What an annuity loan is

  • Why the budget calculation is so important

  • What should be included in the purchase contract

  • When you should think about follow-up financing

  • etc.