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Yes, we think the world needs a new real estate podcast. One where all the technical lingo is finally explained. With the facts from the Urbyo podcast "Immobilien einfach machen", real estate investment will definitely be as easy as it sounds. For pretty much every budget. And of course, you can listen to all the episodes on your favorite platform. But please note: It is German audio only.

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How to make real estate financing work

You have a property in mind but the money is not in the bank? For the financing you probably think of your house bank first, because somehow you think: I know them, so they know me too. Theoretically correct. In practice, however, things are often different. Because they often can't really react flexibly due to internal guidelines. And that's why, unfortunately, they rarely really have the best offer. You're better off - in terms of better conditions - with independent financial brokers (German audio only).

Is a condo worthwhile as an investment?

It's nice to have your savings in a checking account, but it doesn't help if you want to save something for your old age. Setting up a call money account, a securities account and a savings plan are more helpful. But why not invest in real estate? Real estate is basically a part of retirement planning, just like stocks. And if you ignore commercial real estate, more and more money has been invested in real estate in recent years (German audio only).

Financing real estate without equity

The opposite of equity is debt. This is the money you can borrow to buy real estate. Now it is said that buying real estate without equity is very difficult. But there are a few possibilities (German audio only).

The budgetary calculation in the purchase of real estate

Before a bank decides whether to give you a loan, it evaluates both the property you want to buy and your creditworthiness. For this purpose, a so-called household calculation is then drawn up. It sounds harmless, but it involves a lot of paperwork (German audio only).

Follow-up financing for real estate

The follow-up financing will somehow be mentioned when you conclude your loan agreement, but that is still a long way off at that point. And quite honestly, who isn't happy when the topic is over for the time being? (German audio only)

The contract of sale in the purchase of real estate

Theoretically, you can also draw up a short contract of sale with the seller. If you agree, that's actually great. In practice, however, real estate transactions in Germany always have to be certified by a notary public. There are so-called formal requirements that must be met. Ultimately, this serves to ensure the security of all parties to the contract and is also stipulated by law. (German audio only)

Land register. Who actually owns what?

The land register is one of the most important document when buying real estate. All ownership relationships for a plot of land or a property are regulated here. However, it also has its own vocabulary. We'll explain what it says, how it's structured and how to read it - without a lot of gimmicks. (German audio only)

All annuity loans, or what?

For many, knowledge of credit products ends with the annuity loan. Not on our watch! We give you an insight into the variety of possible loan products for your real estate financing. (German audio only)

The little ABC of construction financing

Financing is a crucial issue when buying a property. And questions quickly arise such as: How much can I afford? How much equity should I use? How high should my monthly repayments be? And can I possibly buy more than one property as an investment? Here are the answers. (German audio only)

Real estate bubble: Yes or No?

When it comes to real estate, the keyword real estate bubble comes up again and again. Many are sceptical and fear that they are now paying too high a price. Certainly, there are regions in Germany where there are signs of a real estate bubble. In this episode, we discuss what a real estate bubble is, what factors you should look for when buying and why real estate investment is still a good idea. (German audio only.)

Acquisition-related costs

It is often not so clear that not only the purchase price has to be paid when buying a property. Our financial experts are frequently asked about the financing requirements. Also with the topic depreciations many grope in the dark. So we have a few answers to the acquisition costs and ancillary acquisition costs. Here we go! (German audio only.)

No notary - no property

You cannot conclude a property purchase contract without a notarial deed. This may sound a bit annoying at first, but in the end it makes perfect sense and is helpful, because you and the seller know that everything is legally secure and that everyone gets what was agreed in the contract. There are a lot of things to think about and enter. (German audio only.)

Real estate as a retirement provision

Real estate as a retirement provision is a good idea - and a sensible complement to shares and ETFs. Whether you move into the property yourself or buy the condominium as an investment is of secondary importance. But one thing is certain: you have to provide for your old-age yourself, because the state pension will not be enough to finance your life. In this episode we discuss what speaks in favour of real estate as an old-age provision.

German audio only.

Hurdles in financing

When it comes to construction financing, one thing or another can go wrong. But good preparation is half the battle. This means that if you have your personal documents and those of the property ready, there won't be so much delay, at least in terms of time. What else is important? Listen to this episode (German audio only).

Negotiate the purchase price

Of course, you can negotiate the purchase price - but you don't have to if you're not the type. If the price is good, accept it and be happy about the deal. However, if you have factual arguments for the negotiation, by all means bring them up. This could be, for example, an upcoming modernization of the heating system. If the property has been for sale for a long time or if there is general pressure to sell, you may also be able to do something about the price if you can present a financing confirmation from the bank.
In this episode, you'll learn how to make negotiating the purchase price fun for all parties (German audio only).

Property management

As the owner of an apartment in an apartment building, you are automatically part of a community of owners. Because everyone has different interests and available time, a property management company usually takes care of the property that belongs to everyone. In this episode, we'll explain exactly what property management does. Happy listening!

German audio only.

The rental management

Within a community of owners, your apartment is also referred to as special property. Of course, there are also a few things that need to be done for them, such as monitoring rental income, settling service charges, commissioning repairs, or possibly finding a new tenant. For all these issues, there is then the rental management.

KfW funding stop

KfW Bank stops funding all energy-efficient building projects. This means that the 40 and 55 programs have been stopped overnight. This is a hammer - and for many who have not yet been able to submit their application or are still waiting for approval, things could get tight. This may throw the entire funding over. We discuss why this happened now and what exactly it means in this episode (German audio only).

The real estate purchase contract: Practical knowledge from a notary public

If you are buying a property, the purchase contract is a crucial document. In this episode, Dr. Carsten Cramer from the Spitalerstraße notary's office in Hamburg reports on how the notary's appointment works in practice and what is important in the purchase contract. It's worth listening in!

Practical questions on follow-up financing

Follow-up financing involves extending your current mortgage. If you have not fully repaid the loan at the end of the agreed fixed-interest period, you need a new loan agreement. A comparison is worthwhile! Why? We'll discuss it in this episode. (German audio only)

Creation of a land charge

Never heard of "Grundschuldbestellung"? No problem. That's the part that comes after signing the purchase contract - and is handled by your notary. In this episode, Dr. Carsten Cramer from the Spitalerstrasse notary's office in Hamburg explains everything you need to know about the creation of a land charge. (German audio only)

Rising interest rates: Why is real estate still worthwhile?

In recent weeks, interest rates have been climbing ever higher. And there is still no end in sight. Real estate is still a good investment. Because: Tenants:inside there will always be. And in conjunction with the current inflation, the rents will also rise, so that this may be somewhat offset with your higher rate.

Owners' meeting

And the question: Should I stay or should I go?
An owners' meeting can last really long time. But it's THE meeting where, for example, business plans and renovation measures are decided that will ultimately affect you financially. Be sure to listen to this episode if you want to know what exactly can be discussed, how you can get topics on the agenda that are burning under your nails and what you can do if you can't attend the owners' meeting yourself. (German audio only)

Financial advisors & loan brokers

Finding the ideal real estate financing can be annoying and time-consuming. If you get help from professionals, it will be much faster and more relaxed for you. This episode is all about the work of real estate loan brokers - and the advantages they offer you.

Pitfalls in the loan agreement

The loan agreement is a lot of paperwork that ends up in your mailbox - with even more legalese. So that you know what you should pay attention to in the disbursement requirements and what cancellation rights, for example, also the bank has, we discuss. Be sure to listen in!

The handover of keys

When buying real estate, many things sound complicated. For example, what is the notice of conveyance supposed to be or what is the transfer of ownership all about? Here you will find all terms explained in an understandable way.

Fortunately, there are also terms where you have a direct idea of what is meant. Handing over the keys is one of them. In this episode "Making real estate easy" we discuss what you should pay attention to and that you don't just get the keys at this appointment.

Finally owner

You've bagged your real estate deal and are now owner:in. Congratulations! As a landlord:in, however, you'll have to deal with a few to-dos right away - and that doesn't just mean checking the receipt of the rent payment. Oliver and Nina discuss what's in store for you in this episode.

"Fix and Flip" or "Buy and Hold" or "Buy and Develop"?

Before you buy a property, you should consider what goal you are pursuing. This will determine the strategy for your real estate investment. In this episode, Janina and Oliver explain which of the top 3 strategies you should choose for which goal.

Purchase price due date & loan disbursement

So you've bought your property, got the loan, and arranged everything with the notary. But when will the loan be paid out to you, and when do you have to transfer it to your seller? That's what you'll find out in this episode.

Inflation: What does this mean for real estate?

The inflation rate is currently three times higher than usual. Find out in this episode why it still makes sense to invest in real estate during inflation and what happens to the real estate market during inflation and in general. 🎧👇

Repayment, change of repayment rate, and unscheduled repayment

Most buyers finance their property with a loan. Repayment is then made in monthly installments. But of course, you pay less interest if you repay faster. Janina and Oliver discuss how this works and what it costs you. 👇

Find a tenant

To achieve a return on your property, it must, of course, be rented out. In this episode, Janina explains how you can best find suitable tenants, what you need to think about and what the dos and don'ts are.

Fixed interest rate & term

In Janina's new format, "Finanzierung einfach machen," she concisely clarifies terms and questions about real estate financing. In the first episode, you'll find out what fixed interest rates and terms mean and where their differences lie.

How does a rent increase work?

Property bought ✅, yield too low 📉? That can be changed. One method is to adjust the cold rent. But how do you determine whether and to what extent this is possible for your property? Just listen to our episode. 👌

What is an unscheduled repayment?

Most people take out a loan to buy real estate. That's easy to do. But the faster you pay it back, the less it costs. One way to pay off the loan faster is to make unscheduled repayments. Janina explains precisely what those are and when they make sense 🎧💡👇.

Increasing the rent: How to announce & implement it

You've determined that you want to increase the rent on your property and checked whether it's possible. Now it's time to implement it. But how? First, sit back and listen to "Immobilien einfach machen." Then you'll know what to do next! 👌

How much real estate can I afford?

You want to invest your money in real estate, but you don't know exactly what you can and should afford in your situation? No problem. There are easy ways to find out. And Janina presents them to you. 📊🎧

Withdrawal from the purchase contract

It happens that real estate buyers want to withdraw from their purchase contract. Oliver discussed under which circumstances this is possible with our trusted notary, Dr. Carsten Cramer. 📝🎧

Which banks does Urbyo work with?

If you're looking for real estate financing, you should compare. But which banks can you get financing from at Urbyo? In short: a lot. Janina explains more 🙏👇

Will property prices go down?

Interest rates are on the rise. So real estate prices are bound to fall, too, right? In this episode, Janina and Oliver look at what that would mean and which factors are currently lowering and stabilizing prices.

What are ancillary purchase costs?

To avoid being surprised by additional costs when you buy a property, we'll tell you which ancillary costs to expect. 👌✅

Three ways to appraise real estate

Before you buy a property, you should be able to assess whether the asking price is reasonable. In this episode, you'll learn how to appraise real estate and what you should look out for. 🎯

Is variable interest a good alternative?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of variable interest rates, when do banks offer them, and in which cases do they make sense for your real estate investment? Janina summarizes this for you in a nutshell. 😎🎧

Property tax & property tax return 2022

What is the property tax? 🤔 Who pays it when, and why is there a property tax reform in 2022? Oliver and Janina discuss it in this episode and give you all the necessary information. 🙏

What kind of purchasing power do I have for my investment property?

Are you planning your first real estate investment? Or have you already invested and are planning further projects? Janina explains in a compact way how to calculate your purchasing power for your real estate investment.

Switching tenants: Handover protocol & interim statement

If you have acquired an investment property that you rent out, there will inevitably be a change of tenants sooner or later. Janina and Oliver discuss the necessary steps for you as a landlord. 📝

What does 80-, 90-, and 100%-financing mean?

When buying real estate, you will undoubtedly come across the terms 100%, 90%, 80% financing, etc. They designate the share you borrow from the bank for your real estate investment. But which share of financing makes sense for you? Have a listen! 👌

Earning a return on your property

Especially if you buy a property as a retirement plan, you should earn a return at some point. How do you get there, and what role do location, cash flow, and rental income play? Find out here! 👇🎧

How do I finance the real estate purchase of an LLC?

Would you like to conclude a real estate financing agreement with your LLC? Here you can find out what you need to be aware of, and what matters. 💡

Buying a multi-family house

Does it make sense to buy an entire apartment building as an investment property? What are the advantages? How much risk is involved, and how do you handle it? Find out everything in this episode. 🏢

What documents do I need for my Urbyo financing?

You should gather a few documents in advance if you are thinking about financing. Find out which ones you need and how to get them quickly here. 😎

Location, location, location ... when buying a property

Location plays an important role when purchasing real estate. But how do you determine whether your property's location fits your investment? The easiest way is to listen to the podcast! 🎙

Can I take out financing for modernizations at a later date?

Find out the exact differences between follow-up financing and a rollover and what makes more sense for you and when. 🎧

Has the real estate ship sailed?

Especially in times of inflation and rising interest rates, people feel like they missed the opportunity to buy and invest in real estate. In this episode, we explain why this isn't the case and what you need to keep in mind. 🎯

The real estate transfer tax: What is it exactly?

You pay real estate transfer tax when you buy or donate real estate in Germany. This also applies to foreclosures. It does not matter whether there is real estate on the property or not. Learn more about this topic in this episode.

Can I include inventory in the purchase agreement?

Do you want to finance a property and buy it, for example, as an investment? Find out here whether you can include inventory in the purchase agreement, whether this makes sense and what you should look out for. 🙌

Write-offs as an owner

As an owner, you can write off the acquisition costs of a property. In this episode, you'll learn what's included, what you need to keep in mind, and how write-offs can improve your cash flow. 👇

Benefits for your ears

Urbyo makes investing in real estate simple, fair, and transparent.
You should always be able to make the right decision — regardless of your experience level. Thankfully, you don't have to spend a lot of time reading books. In our real estate podcast, you'll learn:

  • Whether a condominium is worthwhile as an investment at all

  • What the real estate bubble is all about

  • How construction financing works even without (much) equity

  • What an annuity loan is

  • Why the budget calculation is so important

  • What should be included in the purchase contract

  • When you should think about follow-up financing

  • etc.