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Buying properties on the Urbyo marketplace

Approximately ÔéČ150,000 below market value in Bielefeld city center

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Buy below market value and benefit from a 4.7 % yield in Leipzig

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Entry below market value: over 4% yield in a popular D├╝sseldorf location

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Buying below market value at Berlin's Ku'Damm

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The basics of buying real estate

Negotiating real estate purchse price

The purchase price of a property is a matter of negotiation? Not always. Sometimes the asking price is simply good. Then you shouldn't try to get an even better price. But in this article, you'll learn when it's worth negotiating and how to stay fair.

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The purchase agreement

The purchase contract is one of the most important documents when buying real estate. Accordingly, you should check it carefully and know exactly what rights and obligations it gives you. So: What is important and where can you get a purchase contract at all?

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The payment due date

You do not pay the purchase price for a property immediately after you have signed the purchase contract. And you don't pay everything else in one go either. Huh? That's how it is. The requests for payment arrive gradually. When you can expect what, we have summarized for you.

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Buying real estate works best when you are well informed

Buying your own property is a big deal ÔÇö especially the first time. Admittedly, it's also a complicated process at first glance. Because there are so many different terms floating around that you might not know what to do with initially. And then there are so many different steps and contacts in the buying process.

But in the end, the whole thing is not as complicated as it appears. With Urbyo, you can now take the first steps towards buying a property with ease. Because we don't just offer simple and well-prepared information that everyone understands. With us, you'll also find investment properties that have been pre-checked by experts with carefully prepared documents. And on top of that, you'll get the right financing, which our financing team will tailor to your situation by comparing over 1,400 banks.

In short: Urbyo accompanies you through every step of the real estate purchase process. Whether as your own home or as an investment, buying real estate has never been as easy as with Urbyo. But for now, it's best to get an overview of all the information about buying real estate. ­čĹî

Buying real estate with Urbyo is easy

Buying real estate can be so easy. With our straightforward buying process, we make your real estate investing incredibly easy.

What type of property suits me?

First of all, there is the question: are you buying the property to live in it yourself or would you like to invest in real estate? Of course, there are also a whole range of different property types. But which one suits you? To find out, you can think about the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a condominium?

  • Would you rather invest in an apartment building?

  • Is a commercial property an option?

  • Are you looking for a new-build project or an existing property?

  • Property where others go on vacation? How about a vacation home?

  • Do it yourself? Invest in an old property that may even be a listed building ...

  • Could even historic properties that are listed be exciting for you? There are advantages and disadvantages ...

As you can see: questions upon questions and a range of different possibilities. And you probably realize that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your personal and financial situation as well as your goals.

Buying a property as an investment

If you're looking for a property as an investment, things are very different to buying your own home. If you want to enter the market as an investor, we have a range of information on everything to do with real estate investments and just as much information on managing your properties. For example, you'll find tips on self-administration or rent development.

Figures and returns: That's what matters with investments

If you want to buy a property as an investment, your first criterion is the figures. If they're not right, the investment doesn't make sense. Even if for some reason you still want to make the investment, you should think very carefully about it. Or just tweak the figures.

For example, if you manage to negotiate the purchase price skillfully, this will of course change the situation. You may be able to buy a property below market value, but the investment still makes sense and you invest your money for the long term and earn a hefty return. However, this also requires the right strategy.

Buying real estate with the right investment strategy

If you want to buy real estate as an investment and build up a real estate portfolio, the right strategy is key. Do you want to hold on to your properties for a long time after buying them and opt for a buy & hold strategy or do you buy properties, renovate them and sell them again using the fix & flip strategy? Or do you mix different strategies? There are good arguments for everything and it depends on what you want to achieve and what suits you.

However, if you invest in real estate, you should always keep an eye on the value of your property. Because if you ever want to sell, you naturally want to achieve the best possible price. This is precisely why you should always keep an eye on issues such as fair but regular rent adjustments ÔÇö no matter which real estate investment strategy you choose. Because if you neglect this, you will reduce the value of your property.

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