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Buying real estate

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Buying real estate is easy — and worth it

At Urbyo, you don't have to be an expert to buy a property. We make the buying process so simple that even a novice can get started quickly. Nevertheless, sometimes it helps to know a few technical terms, the next steps, and regulations for buying real estate.

You've come to the right place if you want a good investment in your pocket without buying a pig in a poke. We explain what you should know and consider before, during, and after the purchase. And if you still have a question, feel free to send us an email — or ask it in the Urbyo Community.

By the way: We also have articles on financing and selling. Take a look!

Real estate as retirement provision

If you ask us, real estate is a really good way to provide for your old age. Are you thinking about whether you should use the property yourself or rent it out as an investment? There are a few criteria you can use to decide. Read them through.

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Different property types

Which property suits you and your financial situation? This is probably one of the first questions you ask yourself when it comes to buying a property. We have written down for you which property types there are and what makes them stand out.

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Real estate in inflation

Despite inflation, it makes sense to invest in real estate. Why is that? How does the real estate market react to inflation? And what happens to interest rates during inflation? You can find out all this in the article. 👇👇

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The location analysis

"Location, Location, Location" ... You won't find a way around hearing this when looking for the right place for your investment property. This article explains what that means, what the macro location and neighborhood analysis entail, and which things you need to consider when choosing a property.

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The ancillary costs

The purchase price is not all you pay when buying real estate. There are also some ancillary purchase costs. In this article, you'll find out what these costs are and how you can deduct some of them from your taxes.

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Maintenance costs

If you have bought a condominium, you have to pay the monthly maintenance costs. Don't have a clue what that is and how much it can be? No problem. We'll explain it to you.

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Negotiating real estate purchse price

The purchase price of a property is a matter of negotiation? Not always. Sometimes the asking price is simply good. Then you shouldn't try to get an even better price. But in this article, you'll learn when it's worth negotiating and how to stay fair.

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The purchase agreement

The purchase contract is one of the most important documents when buying real estate. Accordingly, you should check it carefully and know exactly what rights and obligations it gives you. So: What is important and where can you get a purchase contract at all?

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Notary when buying real estate

Without a notary, there is no chance of buying real estate. This is required by law - for your own protection. In this article you will find out what the notary's duties are, how high the notary's fees are and where you can find a notary in your area.

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The priority notice of conveyance

The priority notice is your guarantee that your dream property will not be sold to someone else shortly before the end. Here you can find out how the priority notice works and what costs you will incur.

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The payment due date

You do not pay the purchase price for a property immediately after you have signed the purchase contract. And you don't pay everything else in one go either. Huh? That's how it is. The requests for payment arrive gradually. When you can expect what, we have summarized for you.

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Hand over the keys

Hand over the keys! After you've paid the purchase price and everything else, it's time to hand over the keys. Whohooo! What to look for at this appointment? Check out this article.

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Condominium as an investment

Buying a condominium as an investment has many advantages. What are they and what is important? Just read the article.

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