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Get into Wuppertal well below market value

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good initial return with a modern 3-room apartment in Dresden

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Entry below market value: over 4% yield in a popular D├╝sseldorf location

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Well cut 2 room apartment in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln

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Negotiating real estate purchse price

The purchase price of a property is a matter of negotiation? Not always. Sometimes the asking price is simply good. Then you shouldn't try to get an even better price. But in this article, you'll learn when it's worth negotiating and how to stay fair.

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The purchase agreement

The purchase contract is one of the most important documents when buying real estate. Accordingly, you should check it carefully and know exactly what rights and obligations it gives you. So: What is important and where can you get a purchase contract at all?

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The payment due date

You do not pay the purchase price for a property immediately after you have signed the purchase contract. And you don't pay everything else in one go either. Huh? That's how it is. The requests for payment arrive gradually. When you can expect what, we have summarized for you.

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Buying real estate can be so easy. With our straightforward buying process, we make your real estate investing incredibly easy.

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