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How we work:
the Urbyo process

Above all, real estate transactions should be three things: stress-free, time-saving and reliable. That's exactly what you get with Urbyo, no matter what side of the process you're on. See what's in store for you here by clicking on the perspective you're interested in.


Step 1: Find a property

As a buyer, you can find and reserve verified and investment-worthy properties on our platform. Pictures, videos, and virtual tours give you meaningful insight into the property and the neighborhood. All critical data and numbers are provided as well. In many cases, we even have audio guides that summarize the key features.

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Step 2: Make a reservation

Once you've found a property you like, you can view all the relevant documents and submit a reservation request. Simply make an offer, fill out a short form, and enter your data truthfully. With this info, we can check if you're eligible for financing. If everything looks good, we will forward the reservation to the seller. By the way, the whole process takes little to no time. 

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Step 3: Financing

If your reservation is successful, we move on to the next step: the mortgage. Your personal finance pro will support you 24/7 to get you the best financing and handle communication with the bank on your behalf. By the way, our finance team can also help you with home loans, renovations, etc. Just mention it in our meeting, and we'll see which options are available.

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Step 4: Purchase contract

Once you've secured your "Perfect Fit" financing, it's time to get down to business. Now the purchase contract is drawn up, and the notary appointment is arranged. Of course, we'll help you ensure nothing is left out.

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Step 5: Notary appointment

If you need help finding a notary office near you or want us to go to the notary appointment in your stead, that's no problem. We'll make sure everything goes smoothly for you.

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Step 1: Create a listing

First, you upload all relevant files in advance for the listing creation. This ensures a quick and valid purchase. Thanks to our Urbyo X marketing service you can add extra features to your Urbyo listing, such as audio exposés, district guides and more. When everything is complete, your listing goes live, and buyers can reserve the property. If you choose the Urbyo X package Xpert, we will additionally go into active marketing for you via all available channels.

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Step 2: Select a buyer

Once one or more offers arrive, you can view, manage and approve them on your dashboard. All bids that reach you have been checked by us in advance concerning their financial viability. This way, we make sure that you only receive serious reservation requests.

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Step 3: Finalizing the purchase contract

Once the bank has confirmed the financing on the buyer's side, we help draft a fair and complete purchase agreement and assist both parties in coordinating a notary appointment.

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Step 4: Receive commission

As a realtor, you will receive your full commission at Urbyo. Should you sell your property through us, we will only charge a small success commission, which varies depending on the Urbyo X package you choose. However, we earn our money mainly through successful financing deals. By the way: We also offer other bonuses to realtors, so feel free to contact us for more information.

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