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Urbyo process
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These steps will help you get your investment safely.

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We reimagined the entire real estate buying process — and created a timesaving solution for every step. For you. And everyone.

Search real estate

Take a look at all available properties. Images and videos of the property and surrounding area show you everything in detail. And no need for a calculator: we've already crunched the numbers for you.

Reserve real estate

Once you have found a suitable property, you can reserve it. You now have time to complete your financial data and send your request. The seller will then receive a notification from us. If there are no objections from the seller, we will proceed to the next step.

View documents

Next, you can check out all the property documents, take a look at the details and make a final decision.

Get your financing

Unbeatable rates, directly available. We always have the right financing offers ready for you. Need to talk to an expert first? We're at your service.

Get purchase contract

Need a draft purchase agreement? You can create it easily and quickly right here.

Notarial certification

To make the purchase official, you still need the deed of the notary. If you like, we will gladly take care of finding a notary and making an appointment for you. All you have to do is be there on time.

We live to serve

We are only one click away. You can reach us via chat, telephone, mail.

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