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Secure your "Perfect Fit" financing. With Urbyo.

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Many banks, many offers, only one question: Where can you get the best bang for your buck? Our experts know the answer.

Check financial scope

We look at all the relevant information on your household calculation and check what you can afford without hesitation.

Navigating the banking jungle

We take a close look at the banks and their offers and pass on the best deals with low interest rates to you.

Secure top conditions

Once you've found your favorite offer, we'll forward your requests to the bank so you can sign the contract. Done!

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against rip-off

With us, the focus is on you, not the bank. We examine offers on the market completely independently. That's why we don't present any all-inclusive offers, but only financing options that are precisely tailored to your situation.

Best conditions

Don't pay a penny too much: we compare offers from over 1400 banks for you to always pick the best deals.

Quick on the spot

We'll help you as quickly as possible and make sure everything goes smoothly with your financing request.

Your money, your choice

Your inquiry is non-binding until you decide on an offer. And if you are undecided, we will be happy to advise you.

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Fair change
without fees

We don't think it's right that you're supposed to shell out money for better follow-up financing. So we take over all costs for the debt restructuring and land register entries.

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Real Estate Coaching
with Janina

Want to become an expert investor quickly and easily? Then chat with our finance expert Janina and get personal support in three one-on-one coaching sessions.

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for pros

Financing large projects is a breeze with Urbyo Professional. Our experienced financing experts are there for you to handle all of your financing needs and secure you the right loan for your major investment projects.

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