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Over 4 % yield in the middle of the Ruhr area

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Entering Berlin below market value

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Buy below market value & secure a 4.5 % yield in Stuttgart

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Buy below market value and benefit from a 4.3 % yield in Leipzig

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Properties with solid prospects

Looking for a solid investment? We've got you. We have checked all investment properties for you in advance and know that you can make an offer here with a clear conscience. Take a look.

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Our finance professionals know exactly where to find the best financing offers. Simply make an appointment to check out your personal deals without obligation.

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Financing largescale projects? No problem.

Our experienced financing advisors are at your service to assist with everything from project creation and bank and offer comparisons to processing and secret deal acquisition. Register now and discover the platform.


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We'll let you in on a secret: Even with a standard income, you can invest in real estate. Find your investment strategy & suitable properties with our experts.

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The best way to explore the area around your next property? Letting the locals show you around.
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Good News: If you know nothing about real estate, our content will get you going! Relax and click your way through.

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