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How Urbyo Professional revolutionizes the financing of large-scale projects

Janina 2

Until now, there have been several hurdles when financing large-scale projects, such as hotels or office buildings. The most significant difficulty was finding a bank to finance such a project in the first place. Our Head of Mortgage, Janina, revealed to Vivien in an interview how Urbyo Professional changed that.  

Hey Janina! You are not only an investor yourself but also a financing broker for more than 15 years. What hurdles and problems have you encountered when financing large projects? 

Quite a few. The first problem for many was finding loan brokers familiar with this topic and having bank contacts that finance such projects. There aren't many of them in Germany, so the search took time. And the communication between all parties involved a lot of mail traffic, which doesn't make the whole thing easier or more fun.  

That sounds very time-consuming. But in the meantime, I know there is a solution to all these problems. And it's called Urbyo Professional. Can you summarize to what extent Urbyo Professional helps finance large projects?  

For one thing, bundling most of the processes in one platform allows us to keep them leaner. We've integrated various functions that help everything run more smoothly. For example, you can enter all the project data and thus submit a clear PDF for the banks to evaluate in no time. They can approve financing much faster because they receive all the relevant data directly from us. On the other hand, our customers benefit from my team's excellent network and experience. In this area, my team comprises senior advisors who have been active in large-scale project financing for over ten years and support various family offices, property companies, and legal entities. That's particularly valuable in this business area, especially for large, complex projects with financing volumes in the seven- to ten-figure range.  

It's extraordinary what you've got going on there! Let's assume I have a large project I want to finance. How exactly does the financing process work at Urbyo Professional?

First, you create the project on our platform. We look at the data and determine which banks might come into question, based on the data, and confirm with the customer which banks we should approach. We then enter into discussions with the banks. We then present the offers to the customer, who can then make a decision and let us handle the rest with the bank. Since we usually already have all the necessary documents at this point, this happens quickly. Then the contracts are signed, and the loan is disbursed. Done.  

Does Urbyo Professional only take over the search for suitable financing, or do you also support investors in their search for properties? 

Sure, we approach each project individually. In any case, we can also support the search for properties. You just have to create a search request on the platform or talk to us, and we will be happy to search for and suggest suitable properties.  

Good to know! So far, it sounds like Urbyo Professional is revolutionizing the financing of large-scale projects. Are there still limits where you can't get anywhere?  

Naturally, there are everywhere, but it also depends greatly on the situation. Generally, however, there are solutions to a lot of problems. 

We've managed to secure financing for some unusual projects where others said it wouldn't be possible.

Badminton halls, hotels, fast food chains ... the list is long. But we also love it. Whenever there's a "new nut to crack," our brains start firing.

That sounds great. Thanks for your time, Janina!