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Who decides which property is put on the Urbyo marketplace?


Vivien grabbed our VP Business Development & Operations Marcel and asked him what criteria a property has to meet to end up on the Urbyo marketplace and what advantages brokers have when they work with us. You can find the answers here.

Hey Marcel! Thanks for your time. You are the Head of Business Development & Operations at Urbyo. What exactly do you take care of?  

Hey Vivien! My pleasure. My team and I make sure that our marketplace is filled with exciting properties. This starts with contacting real estate agents and the pre-selection, continues with the creation of listings, and ends with answering our users' questions about the property.  

Does that mean the properties you find on the Urbyo marketplace all come from external brokers?   

For the most part, yes, but not only. In the last 2.5 years, we have built up a strong network of partners. Among them are mainly real estate agents but also project developers and builders, who often offer their properties exclusively on our marketplace. But private sellers can also list their property with us. In addition, we use various tools to monitor the market to find more exciting deals. It is important to mention that although we receive many properties for publication, not all of them end up on our marketplace.  

Why is that, and what exactly does this review process look like?  

For an object to get a place on our marketplace, it has to meet specific criteria. It's the only way we can make sure that we really offer our users a good deal. For example, the purchase price must be reasonable, compared to Urbyo's market assessment, the condition must be comprehensible, the property documents must be complete and, of course, the property as a whole must fit the needs of our users.  

What type of property is particularly in demand?  

At present, these are mainly rented apartments as capital investments, but in select locations there is also demand for owner-occupied properties or apartment buildings. Increasingly, large-scale projects are also becoming interesting as part of our Urbyo Professional division.  

"The winning argument for me is that there is really no reason not to work with us."

Good to know! I would like to briefly talk about the real estate agents again. What is the advantage of working with Urbyo as a realtor? 

Well, we work differently than other online marketplaces — but that's exactly what our partners appreciate about us. It is important to us that we work together as equals, maintain personal contact with each other and always approach challenges in a solution-oriented manner. Because at the end of the day, everyone should be happy — not only the partners, but also the users. Another thing that sets us apart from other providers in the commercial sector is that our marketing and the placement of advertisements are free of charge.  

These are actually some good arguments! Who is the best person to contact if I want to work with Urbyo as a real estate agent in the future?  

Just contact us and write an email to verkauf@urbyo.com. Then we can arrange a first meeting and see how your properties fit into our marketplace.  

Exciting. Thanks for your time and the insights!