A notary public is a neutral person qualified to certify legal transactions associated with inheritance, family, corporate, and real estate law. A notary can also certify signatures, transcripts and evidence, as well as deposit money and valuables.

Notaries, like lawyers and doctors, are generally bound by a duty of confidentiality. In addition, the costs for a notary are mainly set out in the Court and Notary Costs Act. 

When buying real estate, you go to a notary's office to draw up and sign a purchase contract, and to have entries made in the land register. You can find out more about the tasks of a notary here:

Notary when buying real estate

Without a notary, there is no chance of buying real estate. This is required by law - for your own protection. In this article you will find out what the notary's duties are, how high the notary's fees are and where you can find a notary in your area.

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