Buying a property as a couple? Advantages, disadvantages & implementation

Strong together: buying a property as a couple

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Are you considering entering the real estate market with your partner or a friend? You're not alone! Many investors opt not to take the plunge alone. In this text, you'll discover why this can be a wise decision and how you can go about it.

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Motivation for Joint Property Purchase

Why do investors buy together? Motivations vary, but there are some common reasons. Couples purchasing a home often emphasize the security aspect. For capital investments, three main reasons come into play. Firstly, joint decision-making with four eyes provides a more comprehensive view of potential properties. Secondly, risk distribution across two shoulders ensures a safer investment, especially for the first significant financial endeavor. Thirdly, collaboration brings advantages in financing, as two creditworthiness profiles can lead to better terms and a higher financing framework.

Considering Different Expectations

How do you consider different expectations and needs? It's crucial that partners with individual visions come together. This expands the search profile and allows for a more diverse selection of properties. An open exchange of individual expectations is key to finding compromises and ultimately building a balanced portfolio.

Financing as a Team

How do you finance as a team? Financing is always done jointly. A property is financed by a bank, and both partners are 100% liable for the financing. There is no division of financial responsibility between partners. It's essential to note that financial collaboration is documented in a contract.

GbR or Not? Pros and Cons

A Civil Law Partnership (GbR) doesn't automatically form when two individuals without an existing company acquire a property. In this case, both are co-owners with a standard 50/50 distribution. However, establishing a Civil Law Partnership (GbR) can have advantages. Through a contract before acquisition, ownership relations are clearly regulated, and the property belongs to the GbR, not the individual buyers. This facilitates later changes in ownership.

Communication and Security

To avoid potential conflicts, clear communication is crucial. The exchange of expectations and the definition of competencies are essential. A well-structured cloud for shared document storage and communication becomes crucial, especially when partners don't live side by side.

Mutual Security and Exit Strategy

Sometimes, banks require a life insurance policy as a condition for financing. Additionally, there are insurances like liability insurance for financial losses and D&O insurances for companies with multiple properties. The exit strategy should be coordinated in advance to establish clear goals for the sale.

Yes or No? What you should consider

Buying a property together can offer many advantages, ranging from better access to properties to increased credit amounts and enhanced security. Communication and clear agreements are the keys to joint success. Whether as life partners or investor duos, together you can make your dreams of property ownership come true. Remember to nurture the partnership not just on paper but also personally. Now, good luck with your joint real estate adventure!